Director - Dinesh Kumar Singh

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh a PhD scholar in Defence Studies from Banaras Hindu University and an author of “Power Politics in South Asia”. He has not only worked as the top administrative officer in Uttar Pradesh but also worked on social work strategies through educational programs/resources for the weaker section of the community.

Welcome to the Manu Law College, Institute of Legal Studies. Although our curriculum and classrooms have continued to incorporate new developments in the fields of LAW and technology, we recently started online classes to help minimize the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on students. The Legal scenario of the world is changing rapidly and the demand of time for the society is increasing about good and value-based advocates as well as judicial officers and the corporate world is also thirsty for trained and qualified lawyers. Our emphasis is not only on the quality of education, but on development of necessary skills as well as our integration of entrepreneurship into the curriculum. I believe students should not only need a strong foundation in core academic subjects, but also need to acquire the knowledge, skills, and points of view necessary to interact successfully across a variety of cultural groups as well as grapple with issues and problems whose causes and foundation are more complex than ever before, that cross local, national, and international boundaries, and whose solutions require new approaches to problem solving.

In consideration of the fact that rural areas play important roles as the bases for sustainable agricultural development, where very less people are aware of law and the poor cannot hire an advocate. So, I decided to serve the society and make law education affordable and available to each section of the community in Maharajganj district. Manu Law College is an exceptional, selective college for studies and we have dedicated ourselves to meeting the needs of a multi-cultural group of students, emphasizing on an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh, Ph.D.
Director, Manu Law College

Chairman - Urmila Singh

I welcome you to a new experience in education at Manu Law College. An experience that will leave you with a new outlook on your life.

Manu Welfare and Education Trust that has earned a distinct reputation in the field of LAW education in eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. As a progressive, learning-centric, co-educational College in a rural area, we are committed to creating individuals who can become a part of an evolving global environment and to further this endeavour, we have created world class infrastructure and wholesome learning and socialising environments that are innovative and enriching.

A dynamic society generates the need for competent legal practitioners who are always capable of meeting the challenges in today’s legal environment. Our teachers and staff provide an effective framework to ensure that students are managed with respect and assisted to make informed, appropriate choices about all aspects of their college life. This philosophy enables us to assist students to be responsible, independent thinkers and fosters an environment that enables both students and facilitators to maximize their learning opportunities.

Top-notch faculty promote learning as a process that is both challenging and responsible. We believe that education is a process that should foster creativity, independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a lifelong process. All without compromising on sound ethical values.

Smt. Urmila Singh
Chairman & Manager, Manu Law College

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